amb-m-217408-daniel-painting-east-boothbay.jpgDaniel Ambrose was born and raised in a small seaside town on the eastern shore of Florida. He spent his formative years roaming windswept beaches and winding estuaries with a sketchbook and paintbox.

A master of the rare,15th century Renaissance technique of egg tempera painting, Ambrose’s spiritually based work has an understated, ethereal beauty, seldom found in contemporary art.

His paintings are renowned for their extraordinary luminosity and emanate a serene presence. Important public and private collections, including corporate and prominent public figures own his artworks. Many successful solo gallery shows and fine art museum exhibitions shaped his career. Because of the long, contemplative hours each work requires, Daniel assigns his artworks to a select few galleries and exhibitions each year.

Several publications have featured his art, including American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Charleston Style and Design, Art Impressions Magazine Canada, and numerous media articles throughout his notable career.

Ambrose is a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists, and co-founder of the American Tonalist Society. Which held its Inaugural Exhibition, Shades of Gray, at the historic Salmagundi Club in New York City in May 2019. Reviewers hailed the exhibition as a ‘historic moment in American art.’

Daniel paints in his studio accompanied by his cat, Remey, and summers in Maine with a group of artist friends.