Tempera Artist Breaks Eggs for Series based on a Nursery Rhyme

Tempera Artist Breaks Eggs for Series based on a Nursery Rhyme

9th Feb 2019

Florida-based artist Daniel Ambrose’s egg tempera paintings are currently exhibited at the Hughes Gallery in Boca Grande, Florida. A two-day Meet the Artist event is scheduled for February 11 and 12, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

One for Sorrow and Eight for a Wish continue the series of ten egg tempera paintings Ambrose began several years ago after the death of his grandmother. Both are included in the exhibition.

Inspired by an old English nursery rhyme that begins with One for Sorrow, Two for Joy and ends with Ten for a Bird…, Ambrose said “I don’t know why I chose birds for the series. Perhaps because they fascinate me, such ethereal creatures. Maybe through them I am trying to convey my grandma’s lively spirit. I painted the series not in numerical but inspirational sequence. Each one coming when a sudden image appeared in my mind for a certain number.” Five for Silver was one of the first paintings. Six of the paintings in the series have now been sold, One for Sorrow is exhibited at the Hughes Gallery, and Ambrose is working to complete the remaining three.

The serene landscape paintings of Daniel Ambrose capture the environmental treasures unique to the South and are renowned for their extraordinary luminosity and power to evoke a sense of place. His professional career spans more than 25 years.

The Hughes Gallery is located at 333 Park Avenue, Boca Grande, FL. Ambrose’s paintings will be exhibited through May.

For more information contact the gallery at or 941-964-4273.